What is the Advantage of the UK LLM?

The UK has been a pioneer in the development of innovative leading edge LLM Degree programs! All undergraduate degree holders are eligible for direct admission to an LLM Degree program of study (unlike in Canada or the U.S. where you need an LLB/JD degree for admission).

Why should I consider such a specialized field of study?

Take the advice of Heidi K. Gardner, Distinguished Fellow, Harvard Law School’s Center on the Legal Profession: “Most savvy and ambitious professionals today understand that it’s in their economic interests to become truly expert at one topic. Ideally, that one topic is both arcane (in the sense of not being easily learned) and critically important (meaning there’s a market for this skill). In short, in serving clients today, it’s not enough simply to know how something is usually done; you have to come up with ways that it could be done far better, faster and cheaper, and ideally in a way that makes the recipient feel special- all of which generally require both specialization and collaboration.”

Direct Access UK LLM Degrees that provide graduates with Professional Credentials that are Career Door Openers for undergraduate degree holders with professional aspirations and JD degree students recognizing the need to obtain a graduate legal career credential to acquire expert status to overcome the underemployment predicament confronting general JD degree graduates.

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