Dr. Vivian Mak


LLM (Commercial and Corporate Law) and PhD in Law (Intellectual Property Law)

Hello, I’m Dr. Vivian Mak and I’m the graduate recruitment expert at the Professional Career Launcher. I have a LLM and PhD from Queen Mary, University of London. I was a senior recruitment consultant for Canada Law From Abroad where I managed the international application program and processes for students looking to pursue graduate legal studies in the UK. I’m now responsible for managing the strategic recruitment referral program for LLM and MA Law students through the extensive network of Canada Law From Abroad law schools and Across the Pond law schools. The LLM Professional Career Launcher is the LLM and MA Law recruitment manager for these law schools through the Canada Law From Abroad and Across the Pond member universities. 

I’m based in the UK and am well positioned to ensure that JD & LLB students as well as undergraduate degree holders pursuing LLM /MA Law programs are matched with the law school that will enable them to obtain the specialized level of legal or law related education that will provide them with the credential to open doors to professional careers. I’m most interested in leasing with you as a student or a career professional at any stage of the Professional Career Launcher program to address questions and concerns you might have with respect to the graduate level law school recruitment process. 

One you feel you’re ready to apply to a UK law school through the Professional Career Launcher program you will be referred to me as your recruitment consultant and international graduate student application manager. Feel free to send me and e-mail and we’ll start working together on your application.