Law when necessary but not necessarily the law’ is now the focus in the design and delivery of an increasing number of professional services

MA Law (Master of Arts Law) Degree and M.Sc. Law combine graduate studies in your preferred professional niche with law and legal regulation. B.A. and B.Sc. graduates can leverage their undergraduate degree into a one year direct entry graduate MA/M.Sc. law degree specialization that qualifies them as ‘Law Experts’ in their preferred professional field. 


Consultants, public sector agencies, NGOs, non-profits, health services, international human rights organizations, social services/advocacy agencies, etc. want to hire ‘Law Expert’ professionals in the increasingly complex regulatory environment. 

Having ‘Law Expert’ status in your professional field enables you to stand out as a preferred recruitment candidate!


The UK is a pioneer in the development of innovative leading-edge MA LAW  and M.Sc. law related degree programs. Many undergraduate degree holders are eligible for direct admission to a one-year graduate MA LAW or M.Sc. law related graduate degree program of study.

The UK LLM or MA Law Degree programs offers flexible learning choices, and some universities even have online degrees that can fit around your schedule.  If you choose to physically study in the UK, you will get valuable international experience that originated common law.

re some examples of the most popular LLMs and MA Laws in the UK: 

Health Professions

  • LLM Medical Law & Ethics
  • LLM Law & Pharmaceutical Regulation
  • LLM Pharmacy Law & Ethics
  • LLM Medical law & Privacy
  • MA/Law Ethics and Palliative Care
  • MA Law & Social Care
  • MA Law & Palliative Care
  • LLM Marketing Medical Technologies

Human Rights NGOs & International Relations 

  •  LM Human Rights and International Relations
  • LLM Human Rights and Globalization
  • LLM Human Rights and Indigenous Populations
  • LLM Law and Social Justice
  • LLM International Law

 Environmental Sciences

  • LLM Environmental Law
  • LLM Law and Environmental Regulation
  • LLM Law and Sustainable Development
  • LLM Urban Planning Law and Sustainable Communities 
  • MA Law & Environmental Sustainability 


  • LLM Law and Public Policy
  • LLM Law and Legislative Policy and Drafting
  • LLM Public Procurement Law & Strategy
  • LLM Public Policy and Administrative Law
  • LLM Public Procurement & Infrastructure Management

Business and Finance

  • LLM Law and Financial Services Regulation
  • LLM Law and International Business
  • LLM Law & Banking Regulation
  • LLM Insurance Law 
  • LLM Corporate Governance
  • LLM Competition Law
  • M.SC. Law & Finance
  • MA Law Regulation & Compliance


  • LLM Intellectual Property
  • LLM Innovation, Law and Technology
  • LLM Computer and Communications Law
  • LLM Law and Technology Regulation
  • LLM Privacy Law & Technology Regulation
  • MA Law & Privacy

Access to Justice and Human Rights

  • LLM Court Administration
  • LLM International Human Rights  and Humanitarian Law
  • LLM Restorative Justice
  • M.Sc. Cyber Crime
  • MA Law & Human Rights
  • M.Sc. Security Conflict and Justice

Social Services

  • LLM Social Care Law
  • LLM Social Advocacy
  • MA  Law and Child Care Advocacy
  • MA Law & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • MA Law & Family Mediation


  • LLM Art Law
  • LLM Art and Business Law

LLM Flexible Law

  • Design your own customized LLM/MA Law Degree

There are several other LLM/MA Law programmes available that are not featured on this list so whatever interest you may have, please feel free to get in touch with us and we can tell you more them!

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