John G. Kelly

President and founder of LLM Professional Career Launcher

B.Com., LL.B., M.Sc. (international relations) M.A. (Jud.Admin) F.CIS

  • John has a law degree and two law related graduate professional degrees.
  • He practised law, worked as in- house counsel and has had a successful career as a law professor and legal thought leader consultant to the “Big 4” consultancies. 
  • He developed Canada Law From Abroad as an international education bridge for Canadians to attend top tier UK law schools.
  • John decided to take on the mission of developing the  Professional Career Launcher to enable him to utilize his expertise In legal and law related professional services careers to provide you with the information and guidance you need to launch your own successful professional career.

John's Mission:

There is a global paradigm shift taking place that is creating a new economy which in turn is reinventing professional services.

The practice of law and conventional legal services are being integrated into a dynamic professional services market that is multidisciplinary and technology-driven.

Emergent professions such as privacy, ethics, information and social network regulation, health  and aging advisory, mediation and social advocacy  in the new information knowledge economy adhere to the professional services mantra of “law when necessary but not necessarily the law”.

UK universities are taking the lead in developing innovative  one-year graduate LLM, MA Law and M.Sc. law-related  programs to provide law students and lawyers looking for rewarding professional career opportunities and aspiring professionals  with learning experiences and the career credential to open doors to growth professions. Beyond law, the UK is a leader in providing professionally-oriented degrees for a large variety of subjects that allow students to achieve an in-depth level of knowledge in a relatively short amount of time at both the undergraduate and post-graduate level.

The LLB (“Bachelor of Legal Learning”) and JD (“Just a Degree”) provide law students with generic professional skills that have limited client service capability in a legal and law related professional services market where the demand is for niche specialization.  The Professional Career Launcher will provide you with the guidance and support to access graduate LLM and MA Law programs that are best fits for practice of law niches that you have a passion for and aspire to make a contribution. These opportunities provide aspiring professionals with learning experiences and the career credential to open doors in occupations where there is a growing demand for legal services expertise that is not practice of law driven but is capable of adding value to the law related aspects of that professional occupation.

The undergraduate “B.A. (“Beginning of it All”) has provided baccalaureate degree holders with a solid foundation of learning that has created a passion that students will ultimately want to leverage into a professional career.

UK universities have taken the lead in developing innovative direct entry one- year graduate MA Law and M.Sc. law related degree programs, and 1-to-2 year professional programs (or 3-year Bachelor's programs if you wish to start right after high school!).