You Have An Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences Degree, What Now?

What do you do with a BA?

You are well read and articulate in one or several of the humanities and social sciences disciplines such as political science, sociology, social work and the health sciences. You realize that this is  just the beginning and you now need to identify a career to utilize that knowledge base and find a pathway into that career. You have clicked into the Professional Career Launcher web site because you are either already aware of or curious as to whether a career in the professions may be your preferred pathway.

A recent much acclaimed comprehensive Canadian study on “Redefining Work” has found that, for a significant number of aspiring professionals, the preferred professional career path for millennials and generation X and Z encompasses the following attributes:

Feeling like your job is helping others and making a difference is fulfilling. This isn’t restricted to the “helping professions” in health care, social work of teaching. Workers in many sorts of customer or client service roles experience the satisfaction of “doing good” by helping people.[1]

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“Doing good by helping people” is a primary motivator  for aspiring professionals looking at law related careers. I use the term law related advisedly. Your undergraduate major, particularly if it is in the political science, social sciences, humanities, and health sciences streams, has had some sort the legal connection. If you’ve taken courses in politics, human rights, social work, sociology or environmental sciences you quickly came to the realization that their application is integrated with law and legal regulation. Ethics, privacy,  social justice, the environment and climate change, safe and healthy communities and now the Internet of Things; you name it, all have a legal dimension.

Law if and when necessary but not necessarily the law” is the mantra frequently associated with these law related career areas. In other words, dealing with and resolving issues in their entirety in a wholistic manner and not just the legalities is the preferred approach. If these are the types of topics and issues that are of interest to you, or perhaps your even passionate about, you have an opportunity to launch a professional career in which you’ll be doing good by helping people by embarking on a professional career that is law related as opposed to practising law.

[1] Graham Lowe and Frank Graves. Redesigning Work. A Blueprint for Canada’s Well Being and Prosperity. Toronto. Rotman-UTP Publishing (2017) at P.78.

The Master of Arts Laws: The UK Law School Advantage

UK law schools are the pioneers in developing direct entry  leading edge one-year graduate Masters of Arts Law (MA Law) degrees. Baccalaureate degree holders  are eligible to enrol in one year intensive law related graduate programs that combine and integrate their primary undergraduate specialization with its law and law related application. The graduate obtains a professional credential that qualifies them as a legal specialist or expert in the application of laws and law related regulation to their primary discipline. This is good news to so many undergraduate like yourself with professional aspirations  for careers in a law related field. You realize and appreciate the value of integrating law into your primary profession but you don’t want to practice law. You may well be assuming that the required credential for all law related careers is the three year Canadian/American JD or the UK  two year accelerated LLB program as the door opener. Good news. Read through these examples of  innovative UK  MA Law Degree programs linked to professional  careers that are distinct professional law related degrees in their own right and not confined to the practice of law.

MA Law Programs & the 21st Century Dynamic Professional Services Market

Human Rights

  • MA International  Human Rights Law and Practice – Asylum Seekers Advocacy
  • MA International Human Rights Law in governmental and NGO program administration and advocacy.
  • MA International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law
  • MA Human Rights Immigration and Refugee Law
  • MA Human Rights Law, Globalization and Justice
  • MA Law Human Rights and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom – NGO Social & Cultural Advocacy in Community Development for minority and at- risk groups
  • MA Law Cybercrime and Terrorism – Human Trafficking

Social Science & Humanities

  • MA Medical Law & Ethics
  • MA Medical Ethics and Palliative Care Law
  • MA Child Care Law and Social Advocacy
  • MA Health Law and Patient Navigation and Advocacy
  • MA Law and Society- Public Sector and NGO Administration
  • MA  Social Enterprise and Non- Profit Sector Law and Administration

Advocacy & Dispute Resolution

  • MA Law Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • MA Law Family Mediation

Heritage and Culture

  • Art Law – Art law is an exciting and fast-developing area, tackling issues surrounding the legal treatment of fine art and cultural heritage
  • MA Law and Indigenous Community Development

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