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If you are a BA or B.Sc graduate, you qualify for direct- entry to top tier UK universities for innovative profession-focused Master's degrees in your preferred professional discipline in law, health, social work, mediation, human rights, international relations, public policy and governmental affairs, NGOs and many other areas.

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  1. There are an estimated 130 new economy professional careers in this dynamic 21st century professional services market. We can help you to identify opportunities that are suitable for your needs.
  2. A professional graduate degree opens graduate career doors. We're here to help you explore those options.
  3. The Professional Career Launcher’s proprietary E-Professions Guide will take you through a process that will link your passions and career aspirations with a best fit professional graduate degree program.
  4. The Professional Career Launcher will facilitate all aspects of your graduate school application process
  5. The Professional Career Launcher is your cost-free source of advisory expertise on professional careers in the dynamic 21st Century professional services market.

“Once I conducted research and got into contact with Vivian my experience and efficiency of application was expedited to a service level that I couldn’t believe. Her knowledge of the application process and experience was undoubtedly one of the only reasons as a non-lawyer I was able to get accepted.”

- Yianni Harbis

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  • LLM stands for ‘Masters of Legal Laws’
  • Obtain a master’s degree in a specialized area of law
  • LLB/JD graduates can leverage their general legal knowledge into LLM specializations that qualify them as law practice niche experts