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Know Thyself

Only when we quiet the peer, parental, academic, corporate and social voices telling us what we “should” want and what we’re “supposed” to do can we listen for our own internal desires and dreams. And only by listening carefully can we start to see what our version of success looks like.

Why did Reid Hoffman create Linkedin and why is it a resounding success? Because, to quote this Silicon billionaire:

“It’s up to you to – with the help of your friends
and network- to find and develop professional
opportunities for yourself.”

The Professional Career Launcher has designed a Professional
Services Career Pathway for you.  Once you register you’ll have
access to a personalized self-managed professional career guide.


“PASS 21st Century Pathway Guide”

P = PASSION  Discover and/or revisit your PASSION.

A = ASPIRATION Link Your Passion with an career ASPIRATION.

S = SKILLS- Find the best fit LLM or MA  Law Degree and program for you to obtain your preferred professional career graduate and acquire a specialized Skill

S = STATUS- How to leverage your specialized skill into Legal Expert Status.

Big Question

  • If I want to practice law after I have obtained my UK LLM or
    MA Law Degree how do I accomplish that?

  • The LLM Professional Career Launcher
    team will show you how to become a practicing
    lawyer by taking an additional 2 year
    UK Masters in Law (MLaw) qualifying degree.

  •  Your LLM will enable you to engage in contract consulting
    and research while pursuing your qualifying
    M Law degree - Earn While You Learn!