PCL Team

John G. Kelly

Academic Background & Professional Credentials 

  • Mary’s University  - B.Comm
  • Dalhousie University – Schulich School of Law – LLB
  • University of Toronto – D. PIR. (Diploma in Personnel, Industrial Relations)
  • Syracuse University – M.S.Sc. (International Relations), Maxwell School of Public Affairs
  • Brock University – M.A. in (Judicial Administration)
  • Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators – F.C.I.S. (Fellow of Chartered Institute of Secretaries) Sr. International Designation, Corporate Executive Level

My Mission

There is a global “paradigm shift” taking place that is creating a ‘new economy’ (www.theneweconomy.com”) which in turn is reinventing professional services. The practice of law and conventional legal services are being integrated into a “21st Century Dynamic Professional Services Market” that is multidisciplinary and technology driven.

I’m making a commitment to this new generation of LLB/JD students and lawyers who are aware through underemployment in this booming market that the JD is “Just a Degree” to provide them with guidance and counseling on how to obtain the requisite graduate credentials to become specialists in ‘niche practice’ areas. 

I’m making a commitment to B.A., B.Sc. and business degree undergraduates frustrated with  underemployment in the ‘new economy’ with guidance and counseling on how to access direct entry innovative UK graduate LLM and MA LAW Degree programs and obtain the expertise and career credential to open doors in this booming professional services market. 

My Professional Services Career 

  • In house counsel with a major bank.
  • Start up of a successful small town law practice.
  • Launch of a successful professional career as a law professor. Professional programs development team facilitator and advisor to the Office of the President in Canada’ largest college.
  • Editing a national industry newsletter on industrial relations.
  • Publication of a six volume series, ” The John G. Kelly Human Resources Management Series”.
  • Publication of the “New General Counsel” guide.
  • Consulting as the ‘Legal Thought Leader’ and ‘Professional Services Strategist’ in the North American corporate law department legal division for Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC) New York.
  • Litigation bill management consultant to the U.S. insurance industry.
  • Developed and edited the U.S. Litigation Management Report.
  • Development of the Uniform Task Based Management System (UTBMS) as an alternative to hourly billing in conjunction with an American Bar Association (ABA) task force. 
  • Chair of the RCMP Forensic Laboratory Services Board
  • Creator and President of  ‘Canada Law From Abroad’ as an international education bridge for Canadians to attend top tier UK law schools.
  • Lead advocate before the Ontario legislative committee for reform of abroad law degree accreditation to conform with the Fair Access to Regulated Professions Act (FARPA). 
  • UK Law School Education Management Consultant.

You need to take advantage of an opportunity I’m providing for you to get to know about me and my law and law related successful professional careers. This will enable you to have confidence in me and the LLM Professional Career Launcher program. 

It’s also important that I get to know who you are and get an introduction to the reason for your interest in the “dynamic 21st century new economy professional services market” as the starting point for developing a mutually beneficial working relationship. Yes, JD&LLB and B.A./B.Sc. undergraduates this will be the start of a professional working relationship between you, your university career services advisories, the LLM Professional Career Launcher advisory/recruitment team and top tier UK law schools all working together to provide you with the career credential to open the door to a successful professional career.

About Us

Dr. Vivian Mak 
 LLM (Commercial and Corporate Law) and PhD in Law (Intellectual Property Law) Recruitment Director

Dr. Mak has expertise and a working knowledge of the process and program requirements to obtain a LLM and PhD law degree in a top tier UK law school.  Vivian has done professional work at the World Intellectual Property Organization in Geneva and lectured at Queen Mary University of London Law School. She was a senior advising consultant for Canada Law From Abroad for several years and knows how to establish successful recruitment relationships between students and best fit law schools. Vivian is based in the UK and manages the recruitment relationship between the LLM Professional Career Launcher and Canada Law From Abroad and Across the Pond law schools.
“I’m based in the UK and am well positioned to ensure that JD & LLB students as well as undergraduate degree holders pursuing LLM /MA Law programs are matched with the law school that will enable them to obtain the specialized level of legal or law related education that will provide them with the credential to open doors to professional careers. I’m most interested in liaising with you as a student or a career professional at any stage of the LLM Professional Career Launcher program to address questions and concerns you might have with respect to the graduate level law school recruitment process.
One you feel you’re ready to apply to a UK law school through the LLM Professional Career Launcher program you will be referred to me as your recruitment consultant and international graduate student application manager. Feel free to send me and e-mail and we’ll start working together on your application.”