•B.A., B.Sc. & business grads looking for MBA, M.SW, M.PA, M.Sc., M.HA, MA Law, professional ‘graduate’ programs

•LLB/JD students wanting a specialist graduate LLM or M.A. Law Degree to open the door to a practice niche

•Lawyers looking for “new economy” professional careers and boutique opportunities

•All professionals e.g. social workers, psychologists, health-based workers, criminal/justice services workers, public sector professionals, engineers, human rights/social advocates, NGOs/nonprofit managers, environmental activists, information technologist (IT), etc.

LLM (Masters of Legal Laws) Degree

• LLB/JD graduates and lawyers can leverage their general legal knowledge into LLM specializations that qualify them as ‘Legal Experts’.

• Law firms, boutiques, corporations and government want to hire specialists that can provide added value services to clients.

• LLB/JD graduates and lawyers are increasingly recognizing the need to obtain a graduate legal career credential to acquire ‘Legal Expert’ status and overcome the underemployment predicament confronting general law degree holders.

MA Law (Master of Arts Law) Degree

• All other professionals can leverage their undergraduate degree into an MA Law Degree specialization that qualifies them as ‘Law Experts’ in their professional field.

• Consultants, public sector agencies, NGOs, non-profits, health services, international human rights organizations, social services/ advocacy agencies, etc. want to hire ‘Law Expert’ professionals in the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

• Having ‘Law Expert’ status in your professional field enables you to stand out as a preferred recruitment candidate!

What are the



1) The UK is a pioneer in the development of innovative leading edge LLM and MA LAW Degree programs!

2) All undergraduate degree holders are eligible
for direct admission to an LLM and MA LAW
Graduate Degree program of study (unlike in
Canada where a LLB/JD degree is required
for admissions, except in special circumstances).

3) The UK LLM offers flexible learning choices.

• One Year Full Time LLM or MA Law Degrees

•  Two year Part-Time LLM or MA Law Degrees

•  On-Line Personalized Time Line LLM or MA Law Degrees

• LLM Flexible Law (Customized Study Program)

4) UK LLM or MA Law Degrees cover the legal
aspects in a myriad of professional fields such as:

Health, Human Rights NGOs & International
Relations, Environmental Sciences,Government,
Business & Finance, Technology, Access
to Justice & Human Rights, Social Services,
Arts/ Media or LLM Flexible Law (design your
own Customized LLM/MA Law Degree).

LLM Professional Career
Launcher (PCL) is a free
advising service that
guides you in identifying your
preferred professional career
path and the LLM and MA route.

John G. Kelly and his team have developed
a unique one-to-one, ‘4 Step’ counseling and application facilitation process.

John G. Kelly

Obtain your LLM in the UK with Advice and
Assistance from Experts at LLM Professional
Career Launcher

LLM Professional Career Launcher
“4 Step” Guide

Step One - PCL will help you articulate your career passions
and aspirations in a professional context.

Step Two - PCL will link you to the best-fit, top tier UK LLM/
MA Law Degree Program.

Step Three - PCL will facilitate all aspects of your ‘graduate
school’ application process.

Step Four - PCL will provide guidance
on aspects of obtaining an International Student VISA.